Future writers meet today's top talent agents

Future writers meet today's top talent agents

On Tuesday 18 April, young writers of Nerve Centre’s  BFI Script Development Lab got a chance to speak online with representatives from two of the UK’s biggest talent agencies.

The team were joined for an open Q&A by Jenn Morgan of the Curtis Brown Group and Emily Smith of The Agency. Curtis Brown represents top-tier clients including comedian Harry Enfield, author Colin Bateman, and Inbetweeners writers Iain Morris and Damon Beasley — while The Agency represents acclaimed names like playwright David Mamet, producer and screenwriter Russell T Davies, and actor Emma Thompson.

The Curtis Brown Group's Jenn Morgan (left) and Emily Smith of The Agency (right)

The group could ask anything they needed to know about the role a literary agent plays — the development work they do, how best to approach an agency and when is the right time to seek representation.

The session was part of the BFI Script Development Lab’s promise to nurture new screenwriting talent and engage with the next generation of creatives across Northern Ireland

Eager minds earning words of wisdom over the online session

The 2023 BFI Script Development Lab will be taking place in July of this year with an open call for new participants being announced in early June.