Students get to grips with film-making techniques

Students get to grips with film-making techniques

Nerve Centre recently delivered a film-making enrichment programme to students from disadvantaged areas.

A-level students from Boys' Model School and Mercy College came to our Belfast centre across 9 weeks and got hands on with the basics of storytelling – camera use, composition, framing, and lighting as well as learning some theoretical analysis of how films are constructed across a diverse range of genres.

Students then has the opportunity to work on their practical skills through each of the three stages of film production, from storyboarding and editing with industry-standard editing software, Final Cut Pro and using a range of modern filmmaking equipment such as GoPro cameras, DJI Osmos, tripods.

The groups worked together under the guidance of our Creative Learning team to create their own short film with each young person contributing to the creative production process and gaining new knowledge and skills throughout the programme.

The pupils also built on transferrable skills such as teamwork, motivation and persistence and informed them of further opportunities within Northern Ireland, such as our Screen Academies.