A Thank You from Nerve Centre to All Those Helping to Produce FABshields

A Thank You from Nerve Centre to All Those Helping to Produce FABshields

Along with support from many generous local community organisations and individuals, our FabLab is being used to create Personal Protective face shields for workers on the frontline in our Health Trust and Community Care sectors.

The design and testing for the new face shields was led by Nerve Centre's Paul McCay and local maker Luke McNeice who came together due to concerns around supply shortages - a fantastic display of local collaboration, innovation and action.

The support we have received to make our face shields has been incredible. From fundraising to material donations and the time that those volunteering are giving to assemble - we are so grateful.

Without this continued support, we would not be able to get our face shields directly into the hands of the Health Trust and our local community carers.

Nerve Centre would like to extend our sincere thanks to:

  • Nelipak Healthcare Packaging in Campsie for their incredible donation of PETG plastic which has enabled us to create around 3500 shields

  • The fantastic fundraising from Your Derry / Pure Derry which has enabled the production of a further 3500 shields

  • Amari Plastics for help in sourcing materials

  • The team of volunteers giving their time to assemble the shields from Nerve Centre, The Playtrail, Fab:Social Shantallow and Aerona Software

  • Lukas Barber for the donation of elastic

  • All of those across our community including Paul Stafford, Neil Black, Sean Carlin, and many others for their help, support and encouragement.

Everyone across our city and beyond has helped tremendously to make this happen. Thank you.