Nerve Centre Congratulates Array Collective on Recent Turner Prize Nomination

Nerve Centre Congratulates Array Collective on Recent Turner Prize Nomination

Array artists Clodagh Lavelle and Stephen Millar are invaluable members of our Reimagine Remake Replay and Making The Future Project Teams.

We are thrilled for the Collective and of course will be cheering them on as they develop work for this prestigious exhibition - and at the Turner Prize Awards ceremony in December 2021.

The Turner Prize will be held in Coventry as part of the Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 celebrations.

About Array

Array Collective uses performance, protests, photography, print, installation and video to place a global focus on marginalised communities in Northern Ireland. They partner with a range of creative individuals and organisations to merge artistic expression, participate in direct action and instigate public interventions across urban environments.

Their recent project As Others See Us (2019), is centred on three fictional characters drawn from the pre-Christian myths and folklore of ancient Ireland: ‘The Sacred Cow’, ‘The Long Shadow’ and ‘The Morrigan’. These characters have shape-shifted through crowds at Belfast Pride and the banks of the River Thames in London and documented through film, performance, sculpture and textiles.

Array Collective comprises of: Sighle Bhreatnach-Cashell, Sinéad Bhreatnach-Cashell, Jane Butler, Alessia Cargnelli, Emma Campbell, Mitch Conlon, Clodagh Lavelle, Grace McMurray, Stephen Millar, Laura O'Connor and Thomas Wells. The collective is based and predominantly work in Belfast, Northern Ireland.