Spotlight On Young Filmmakers: Stronger Together

Spotlight On Young Filmmakers: Stronger Together

A new generation of filmmakers are making sure their voices are heard.

Students from both sides of the border recently created powerful short films that amplify issues important to them today.

Stronger Together

The films were produced in November 2023 for the British Council’s Stronger Together project. The project brought together 30 young people from both sides of the Irish border to participate in a week-long collaborative filmmaking workshop, led by Nerve Centre in partnership with North West Regional College.

The Power of Collaboration

The creation of these films was more than just production; it symbolised connection. The participants drew inspiration from their experiences and surroundings, engaged in deep discussions, challenged each other's views and worked collaboratively towards a common goal.

Personal Narratives and Powerful Messages

The outcome was a compelling collection of shorts focusing on issues impacting young people today. From mental health struggles to Brexit implications to cost of living anxiety — these films articulate their ideas, express their concerns and aim to inspire change.

The films are now available to watch on our YouTube channel here.