New Group Exhibition at Nerve Visual Responds to Brexit Anxiety

New Group Exhibition at Nerve Visual Responds to Brexit Anxiety

It is part of a series of cross-border exhibitions and engagement programmes curated by the Gallery of Photography, which respond to the anxiety raised by Brexit on both sides of the border.

The show includes new work from Anthony Haughey. His Field Notes from the Border installation responds to the perceived imminent threat of Brexit to peace and stability in Ireland. Video works, photographs and texts reflect on Ireland’s ‘seamless’ border and consider how function, meaning, and effect are often in a state of flux.

Dragana Jurisic’s Fields of Gunnera considers the border from the perspective of a migrant.

Kate Nolan presents new work from her ongoing long-term project, Lacuna. First premiered in 2017, the work has been developed through the artist’s engagement with border communities from Donegal to Carlingford.

Kevin Fox’s Drum: Portrait of a Village goes beyond stereotypical representations to reveal the strength and beauty of life in the rural border village of Drum, County Monaghan.

Raymond B Newman’s Unsettled Border reflects on the complexities of Irish histories and the fragility of current political circumstances. It considers the remoteness of intertwined border landscapes where diminishing numbers of Orange Order members strive to secure the fraternities’ isolated meeting places. This installation also features a new film ‘LOL 37’ made in Altnaveigh Orange Lodge on the Armagh/Down border.

Field Notes from the Border is a cross-border collaboration between Gallery of Photography Ireland, Regional Cultural Centre and the Nerve Centre. This showing in Nerve Visual is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Curated by Gallery of Photography Ireland as part of Gallery of Photography’s Reframing the Border programme. Artists Commissions are supported by the Department of Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht and by Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade Reconciliation Fund.