Nerve Centre to Deliver New Project Empowering Artists in Immersive Technologies

Nerve Centre to Deliver New Project Empowering Artists in Immersive Technologies

Nerve Centre has been announced as part of a consortium that will support over 200 UK based artists and organisations to explore the creative potential of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies.

What is the ‘Immersive Arts’ Project?

Funded through a significant £6 million grant from the XRtists scheme, the 'Immersive Arts' project offers artists not just the opportunity to explore innovative technologies but also provides them with essential resources. This includes access to training, mentoring, state-of-the-art facilities and £3.6 million in grant funding to transform their ideas into reality.

The Scope of Immersive Technology

Immersive technology is a broad and fascinating field, encompassing a variety of tools and techniques. From the game engines behind popular virtual and augmented reality apps like Beat Saber and Pokémon Go, to the motion capture, LED screens and spatial audio seen in Abba Voyage, the possibilities are limitless.

Collaborative Leadership in Action

Led by the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), with Pervasive Media Studio as the lead hub and Watershed as the Executive Producer, the project brings together key partners — Nerve Centre in Derry and Belfast, Cryptic in Glasgow and Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

Specialist Partners Enhancing the Programme:

~ Crossover Labs: Immersive media training and artist development.

~ Unlimited: Engaging disabled artists and changing perceptions of disability.

~ XR Diversity Initiative: Promoting inclusivity in the XR community.

~ Immerse UK: Leading organisation for immersive technologies.

A Collaboration of National Arts Councils

Funding for XRtists comes from an ambitious partnership between the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Arts Council of Wales.

A Vision for the Future of Creative Industries

Professor Christopher Smith, Executive Chair of the Arts and Humanities Research Council said:

To maintain the UK’s place at the vanguard of the creative industries, we need to invest in the skills and technologies that underpin them. Extended reality is an exciting new frontier in creative technology that offers world-expanding possibilities.

This investment in the Immersive Arts consortium by an ambitious partnership of the UK's arts councils, Creative Scotland and AHRC will allow us to support skills development and unlock further innovation and economic growth, bringing the power of this technology to new audiences and partners.