Nerve Centre's Head Music Lecturer On the Road in Europe

Nerve Centre's Head Music Lecturer On the Road in Europe

On the road for 10 days in total, the tour has already seen performances in Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Last night he took to the stage in Munich.

While touring isn't a new thing to the musician and educator, he continues to take away something new from each experience. That includes playing to another artist's audience. 'I was worried they might not take to us as well but they've been so lovely,' he says. 'I'm always surprised by how nice everyone has been about my music. I've been smiling since the first gig.'

Rosborough has also found there to be a fresh approach to gigs away from home, one that could be a welcome change. ‘The venues cater for ages 14+ so everyone who wants to go, can. I think we could learn something from that.’

He is currently working towards his debut album, hoped to be released later this year, and plans to hit the studio once he gets back. The tour, Rosborough says, has been a great opportunity to try some of his new songs to different crowds.

The tour will wrap up this weekend with two performances at The Great Escape, a major festival in Brighton which showcases new and upcoming artists as well as already established musicians. The Great Escape will provide a chance to meet new bands with similar styles and play in a unique setting.

Students of Rosborough get the best of both worlds. As a professional musician Glenn tries to teach what he learns himself, including skills that are applicable when on the road or in the studio. While some courses mightn't demonstrate the practical points of jobs in the industry, Glenn brings that little bit of extra wisdom to his teaching.

A seasoned songwriter and live performer with years of studio experience, Rosborough also has advice to those looking to pursue their own musical careers. 'Just go for everything, he says. 'Play as much as you can and write, write, write. People get caught up in a lot of other things. Create material you believe in‘. Nerve Centre offers free full time courses in Music Performance and Technology as well as Music Production. To find out more and apply, click here.

Meanwhile Musician-In-Residence Marty Coyle will be hosting a climactic showcase of international and local music in his Basork album launch on June 3. Admission is free but booking is required, email for more information. Stay up to date with Glenn by following his artist page on Facebook.