Jan van Huysum Masterpiece Visits Belfast

Jan van Huysum Masterpiece Visits Belfast

The Jan van Huysum Visits touring programme aims to reach a wider audience across the UK and to allow viewers to explore and be inspired by The National Gallery’s collection, which has been curated for Belfast by Reimagine, Remake, Replay.

Previously visiting Scotland, the East Midlands, Cornwall, Norfolk and Barnsley, ‘Flowers in a Terracotta Vase’ has now travelled across the Irish sea to the coastal and cultural city of Belfast. Each location hosts the painting in a unique, unexpected non-museum setting, challenging the ways in which art is typically displayed.

In collaboration with Urban Scale Interventions, RRR is the first to take over a new community gallery space in Portview Trade Centre, called What’s the Story? The space aims to celebrate stories of East Belfast, both old and new.


"As a young person, having the opportunity, as well as being entrusted with the responsibility, to collaborate on such an important project with the National Gallery as part of Reimagine Remake Replay has been fantastic, both in terms of designing the space and planning the events."


Reimagine Remake Replay participant, Natalie Cole,


This exhibition includes a range of interactive activities that will enable visitors to fully appreciate and immerse themselves in the gallery - including a custom-made Virtual Reality experience of the artwork, created by artist Estella Tse, a commissioned mural inspired by the piece and created by local artist Wee Nuls, vinyl tote bag making and mindful Slow Art sessions for young people.

Flowers in a Terracotta Vase’ can be viewed at the Portview Trade Centre, 310 Newtownards Rd, from 11- 17 August.

Admission to the exhibition is free and booking is not required, however, capacity is limited. Visitors will be able to participate in free vinyl tote bag making and virtual reality sessions on Saturday August 14th. For more information about the Portview Trade Centre, visit: