Group Produce Creative Responses To Culture During Fab Lab Programme

Group Produce Creative Responses To Culture During Fab Lab Programme

Led by experienced facilitators, the diverse group of individuals learnt how to use cutting edge fabrication technology including laser and vinyl cutters which enabled them to expressively create their own 3D designs whilst also gaining an Open College Network (OCN) qualification in the process.


The week began with an insight into the themes and ideas of Culture Lab, and a showcase of some of the objects and collections that will go on display as part of the upcoming exhibition before being given the opportunity to produce their own creative responses that were linked to their individual ideas of culture and identity.


The newly produced pieces included; a laser cut design inspired by of one participant’s thoughts on the make-up of culture in society, a piece promoting the efforts of togetherness in Derry~Londonderry, a piece exploring connections between the City and China as well as other produced outputs which explored music and leisure culture.


The major new Culture Lab exhibition will launch at the Ulster Museum in February 2020 displaying objects and materials linked to identity and place, whilst also examining the current state of play in society.


Opportunities for community engagement programmes such as this are being organised on a regular basis. For more information and how you can get involved, contact Niall Kerr on or tel: 028 7126 0562.