FILM | Stay Alive

FILM | Stay Alive

STAY ALIVE was conceived as a visual pamphlet - and is imagined as a direct message to someone who is considering taking their own life.

Commissioned by Stephen Rea, the piece is written by Clare Dwyer Hogg, directed by Juliet Riddell, and produced by Sam O’Mahony through 2nd Part Productions. It features Stephen Rea as well as actors Emmet Kirwan, Lisa Dwyer Hogg and Jeanne Nicole Ní Áinle.

The film is 8 minutes long, and launches on RTÉ online platforms on Friday 10th September 2021, World Suicide Prevention Day.

The film was funded by the Paul Hamlyn foundation, and filmed entirely in Derry, in the city and its Playhouse Theatre. with the support of Foyle Search and Rescue. The Nerve Centre provided logistical and technical support to the production, including two members of the film crew, Jim Norris and Tomala White .

The hope is that STAY ALIVE will be shared widely - if it helps one person reconsider their own worth, it will be a success.

  • You can view the full film here