Creative Centenaries Website Launches as Information Hub Around 1921 Centenary

Creative Centenaries Website Launches as Information Hub Around 1921 Centenary

The website is delivered as part of Making the Future, a project from the Nerve Centre, National Museums NI, the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and the Linen Hall Library, supported by the PEACE IV Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.

The Creative Centenaries project brings together information and resources about the Decade of Centenaries and the work of Northern Ireland’s creative sector in commemorating these events. It brings a fresh approach to the study and memory of this defining period, using creativity, knowledge and expertise to deepen a shared understanding of the events and their legacy.

The new online resource features innovative, original content on the events of 1920–1922, providing a holistic and inclusive platform for engaging with the centenary. Interactive timelines offer a snapshot of key events from throughout the Decade of Centenaries, resources highlight innovative education material and a news section brings attention to the work of the heritage, community and creative sectors in exploring the period.



Creative Centenaries has also partnered with the Centenary Historical Advisory Panel to host engaging content that helps to shine a light on the events of 100 years ago. The Panel, chaired by Lord Bew, was established by the UK Government in August 2020, and brings together academics with a range of expertise and historical perspectives. As part of its role, the Panel are developing and curating accessible content which encourages a deeper public awareness of the events surrounding the centenary.

By focusing on the historical facts, the Panel and Creative Centenaries will deliver content that engages with different perspectives and views on the 1920–22 period. It will examine the key political moments that led to the creation of Northern Ireland, but also explore the different perspectives of ordinary people on all sides who lived through these events.

Niall Kerr, Making the Future Project Manager, said: 'The Creative Centenaries project has served as a focal point for information and resources around engaging with the Decade of Centenaries. As well as developing its own unique content in the form of animations, interactive iBooks and graphic novels, the project has sought to bring attention to the work of the creative sector in commemorating the events of 100 years ago.

'We are delighted to launch this revamped website and to partner with the Centenary Historical Advisory Panel on new content for the website, including an evolving ‘On This Day’ section that will profile and explore some of the seminal moments from throughout the year, allowing visitors to gain a wider understanding of the period.'

The Panel Chair, Professor Lord Bew, said: 'I welcome this collaboration between the Centenary Historical Advisory Panel and the Nerve Centre, which sees the Panel hosting their digital content on the relaunched Creative Centenaries website. Creative Centenaries has played such an important role in the Decade of Centenaries to date, making history accessible and engaging for all audiences, and the Panel is delighted to be working with them on this project.'

Creative Centenaries is underpinned by the Principles for Commemoration as set out by the Community Relations Council: Start from the historical facts, Recognise the implications and consequences of what happened, Understand that different perceptions and interpretations exist, and, Show how events and activities can deepen understanding of the period.

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