CollabArchive Volunteers uncover Roberta Hewitt’s story

CollabArchive Volunteers uncover Roberta Hewitt’s story

In April the team completed their first engagement programme which explored the remarkable life of Roberta Hewitt, the wife of poet John Hewitt.

During the project, 13 volunteers went on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of PRONI to learn how Roberta’s collection of diaries and letters is looked after, preserved, and made digitally accessible to the public.

They also received digital access to Roberta Hewitt's collection and took part in transcription and animation workshops and in talks about the Hewitt's by writer Kelly McCaughrain and researcher Frank Ferguson (John Hewitt Society).

An e-book and an animated film with selected quotes from Roberta's diaries by the volunteers are currently under production.

A selection of material from the Hewitt’s collection is being transcribed by the volunteers and will soon be available via the CollabArchive website and PRONI’s e-catalogue.

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