Celluloid to Digital: Cinema at Nerve Centre

Celluloid to Digital: Cinema at Nerve Centre

As we approach another packed programme of films and events with Reel Lives running through April, we reflect on the development of both Nerve Centre cinema and Foyle Film Festival over the last 37+ years.

From the days of bulky celluloid film to the convenience of digital delivery, the landscape of cinema exhibition has changed vastly over the last decade — now allowing us to show the widest, most diverse selection of films possible with our current DCP system.

We aim to show international arthouse releases through our year-round Nerve Cinema programme, screening recent hits like Anatomy of a Fall and American Fiction in an intimate cinema environmenta service we believe to be vitally important to our city’s film culture, considering such significant titles had not been presented elsewhere locally.

Each November we deliver the ever-expansive Foyle Film Festival, which will soon celebrate its status as Northern Ireland’s longest-running festival, marking its 37th programme this year. Reel Lives (running from 10–27 April) is yet another string on this cinematic bow, highlighting the endlessly diverse voices in the world of film.

Our cinema programmes are mere extensions of a film culture we hope to encourage across the city and beyond. From programming titles to then seeing audiences engage with them, there are few better feelings than in watching it all come together. It involves our programming team here at Nerve Centre, distributors of each film, our marketing department, technicians, and most importantly, yourselves… the audience!

We hope to see you here once more!