Ballykelly Primary School explore their place in space

Ballykelly Primary School explore their place in space

Delving into the milky way and getting to grips with animations and podcasting, these astronauts in-the-making explored what it would be like to report back from space and learnt how to create their own rotoscope animations.

Nerve Centre visited Ballykelly Primary School as part of the Our Place in Space learning programme, to take students on a voyage across the Galaxy and explore the Solar System.

This STEAM project encouraged pupils to be creative while learning all about space and our place in it.

The students were guided through fun animation techniques and split into teams to plan and write a script for a short animation on their chosen planet before getting hands-on with iPads and animation equipment to capture, create and export their finished videos.

Hear all about it from Jude, one of our Creative Media Trainers here