Apply Now: Free Animation Course for Post-Primary Teachers

Apply Now: Free Animation Course for Post-Primary Teachers

This six week training course in animation will take place at the Nerve Centre on Tuesdays from 4pm until 6pm. The first session begins on Tuesday, February 5 and will run every Tuesday until March 19, with a break for mid-term.

The course will be delivered by professional animators involved in teaching the Northern Ireland Screen Foundation Academy for Animation. The aim of the course is to provide you with the skills to create a 2D and Stop Motion animation using software that will be available to you through C2K.

Topics covered by the course include:

What makes a good Stop Motion Animation?

What makes a good character?

The 12 principles of animation

Learning to animate using Adobe Animate CC software

Production roles within the animation industry and career opportunities

If you would like to book a place on this course, email Sharon on by Wednesday, January 23. Please include your full name, the name and address of your school and the subject you teach.