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Gain special insights from experienced professionals in the generating of ideas and then getting them out into the world. Previous talks have focused on film distribution and making the most of your scripts at events allowing you the opportunity to get connected with the industry and build contacts with experts.

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What Hannah McCormack says...

"I had a fantastic time at the BFI Short Film Script Development Lab. It was the first time I had been involved in script development and I gained an invaluable insight into the industry. I think the lab has helped me develop my career as it gave me the opportunity to take part in writers rooms and gain knowledge from industry professionals. Writers rooms are a huge part of my chosen career path and getting the chance to be involved in one this early was truly wonderful.

I would definitely recommend the BFI labs for anyone who is thinking of a career in the screen industries or someone who has years of experience. The knowledge and skills gained from it are invaluable."

Hannah McCormack
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What Michael Murray-Draine says...

"My experience on the BFI Short Film Script Development Lab was fantastic, a condensed few days where I got to work with an array of young, new talent and gained insight from industry professionals, the experience was one I learned a lot from.

Since the BFI Short Film Script Development Lab I have kept tabs on the Nerve Centre and awaited other opportunities, as well as attended a few masterclasses they have put on since.

Due to the BFI Short Film Script Development Lab, I was able to meet Tim Loane, who gave me some amazing advice on how I should find an agent. I took this advice and am now signed to United Agents, so yes It definitely helped me develop my career.

I gained plenty of insight from industry professionals, Tim Loane was a fountain of knowledge both as a screenwriter and as someone who has operated in the business for years, and I learned plenty from the other great guest speakers they had.

I would absolutely recommend BFI Short Film Script Development Lab, the course is short, concentrated and packed with information and experience."

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BFI Film Academy Labs, Scene and Recommends events are part of the BFI Venue Education Fund programme delivered in Northern Ireland by Nerve Centre, Queens Film Theatre and Film Hub NI, kindly supported by the National Lottery.