About CADi

The CADi training programme is designed to give you not only the practical skills but also hands on experience in your chosen discipline.

Participants can choose an area of interest including: photography, film, design, events, sound and perform.

The programme is delivered with a mix of residential weekends and group work evenings from September—December, then culminating in a media festival in January the following year. Successful candidates will take part in a graduation ceremony in June.

CADi is delivered in partnership with the Education Authority Youth Service.

Close-up image of CADi student playing drums in a practice session
CADi music practice session
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How to Apply

You don’t need any formal qualifications for this programme, just have the thirst to learn and be prepared to collaborate with others and step out of your comfort zone.

You must be aged between 14–18 and a resident of Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.

Courses commence in September each year. Applications for September 2022 will be open soon.

Image on laptop showing filming of classroom scene through the lens of a camera
CADi filming session
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