Modules Covered

The modules you will cover on this course include:

  • Song Writing Skills
    Learn arrangement techniques, chord structure, melody and lyric writing taught by an industry professional with real life experience releasing music with major labels;

  • Multi-Track Recording
    Get hands-on experience and learn how to record your track in our state-of-the-art studio space;

  • Studio Mixing
    Learn to mix your recordings to a professional standard working with effects, EQ and compression;

  • Live Sound
    Learn to control both full analog and digital live sound systems in our main venue;

  • Soundchecking an Ensemble
    Learn how to set up a live stage, run a soundcheck and the industry techniques employed by international stage crew;

  • Sound for Moving Image
    Create your own sound effects, learn about ADR and composing for film;

  • Technical Sound and Audio Production
    Learn correct microphone techniques, polar patterns, and how to use an array of recording equipment. You will also learn how to make creative choices with technical equipment to create high quality recordings.
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