Overview and Curriculum

The module identifies and analyses the different ideals that eventually led a small band of rebels to rise up and fight against British Rule in Ireland. Key personalities – male and female - will be highlighted and their significance to the Rising will be discussed. The module will document the events of Easter Week and the significance of the suppression of the rebellion had on the population. For the final lesson in the module, students will learn how the Rising has been commemorated throughout the years and consider how these events can be respectfully remembered.

Each lesson provides students with opportunities to learn through questioning and investigation based active learning methodologies and links to a series of archive images, audio and video. The digital tasks provided will enable students to form creative expressions of the learning that they have developed around the conflict in Northern Ireland.

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General Module Files / Codhanna Modúil Ginearálta

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Module 4 Overview and Curriculum

Módul 4 Achoimre agus Curaclaim

Module 4 Questions & Answers

Módul 4 Ceisteanna & Freagraí

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Module Lessons / Ceachtanna Modúl

Lesson 1 — Before The Revolution

Ceacht 1 — Roimh An Réabhlóid

Lesson 2 — Aims and Ideals of the Rebels

Ceacht 2 — Aidhmeanna Agus Idéil Na Reibiliúnach

Lesson 3 — Easter Week

Ceacht 3 — Seachtain Na Cásca

Lesson 4 — The Supression and Impact of the Rising

Ceacht 4 — Treascairt Agus Iarmhairt An Éirí Amach

Lesson 5 — Women and the Rising

Ceacht 5 — Mná Agus An Éirí Amach

Lesson 6 — Commemoration

Ceacht 6 — Cuimhneachán

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