Modules Covered

The modules you will cover on this course include:

  • Cameras and Accessories for Filmmaking
    Learn all about the functions and settings of the camera and a range of accessories to create your own short films;
  • Animation
    Learn a range of animation techniques, from basic animation to more advances computer-based animation techniques and create your own short animations;
  • Location Sound Recording
    Learn all about recording sound on location as part of a film crew, creating an original audio-visual piece of work based on a chosen location;
  • Film and Video Production
    Learn to produce your own final film project, taking an idea from concept to completion and learning every stage of the filmmaking process;
  • Teamwork Skills
    Learn how to work effectively with others in a creative team, preparing you for a career in the creative industries with essential transferrable skills that will benefit you throughout your career.
Student filming nettle soup documentary
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