About Digital Film and Media Production

The ultimate introduction to creating your own visual content, from short films to animations and motion graphics.

This course is tailored to anyone passionate about filmmaking and seeking to develop their skills in digital film and media production including animation. The course covers a range of content, including digital film editing, colour grading and visual effects, animation and more, giving students a well-rounded set of digital filmmaking skills to create professional media content.

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Course Modules

The modules covered within the course:

  • Cameras and Equipment for Filmmaking
    Familiarise yourself with the equipment you need to create your own short films.
  • Animation
    Learn a range of animation techniques, from basic animation to more advances computer-based animation techniques, whilst creating your own short animations.
  • Location Sound Recording
    Learn all about recording sound on location as part of a film crew, creating an original audio-visual piece of work based on a chosen location.
  • Film and Video Production
    Learn to produce your own final film project, taking an idea from concept to completion and learning every stage of the filmmaking process.
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Gain Hands On Experience

Not only will you be able to make your own short films and animations, you will get valuable experience of working on a film set. Every student will have the chance to try out different roles such as lighting, sound, costume, props, and more.

Students will have access to a suite of Apple computers with the latest software, including Adobe Premiere and After Effects, Adobe Animate, DaVinci Resolve and more. This course is the perfect first step to progress into a career in the screen industries.

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