Creative Learning

Creative Learning Centres

New, relatively cheap, digital technology is making the creative industries ever more accessible and attractive to young people. The impact is increasingly being felt within the classroom where pupils are seeking opportunities to learn technical skills and to express themselves creatively.

The Creative Learning Centre is the educational model that the Nerve Centre has developed to bring digital creativity into the heart of the curriculum. The ability to write a song or compose a soundtrack; take a digital photograph or shoot a video; design a logo or build a web page; edit together a video sequence or animate a story – these are the forms of creativity and self-expression that fire the imagination of young people. These skills amount to a new form of 21st century digital literacy. By providing teachers and pupils with access to high level ICT skills, we aim to empower young people to become active, creative learners.

Case studies

View some of the Creative Learning Centre's case studies in the playlist below:

Creative Case Study: Belmont/ Greenhaw Partnership