Teacher Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) Week | Primary Pre-Recorded Sessions
Creative Learning CPL Week

Teacher Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) Week | Primary Pre-Recorded Sessions


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This year our Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) week is taking a blended approach. As well as offering creative hands-on workshops in both our Derry~Londonderry and Belfast Creative Learning Centres we are also offering a menu of pre-recorded sessions for both Primary and Post Primary teachers, subs, classroom assistants and technicians enabling you to access them in your own time.

Use the Register Now button to register for the sessions (there is no limit on how many you can access).

Once you sign up you will be emailed a link to the video/s on Monday 15 August. You will then have access to complete the session/s in your own time.

Music in the Primary Classroom with Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab is a free, browser-based app that has a range of tools to introduce the vocabulary and practice of sound and music-making to the classroom.

This pre-recorded workshop demonstrates a number of the features of Chrome Music Lab, and focuses on Song Maker: an accessible music composition app that allows pupils to choose instruments, create melodies and rhythm, and save and share their compositions as a sound file.

Animation in the Primary Classroom - Brush Ninja

In this pre-recorded session, participants will learn about the basic principles of animation, from the concept of ‘frames per second,’ to different animation techniques and more.

With this grounding in animation theory, participants will then create their own digital animation using Brush Ninja, a free browser-based animation app designed to make it easy to put your animation skills into practice.

Intro to Coding in the Primary Classroom

This pre-recorded webinar for Primary teachers will walk you through everything you need to get started with coding in the classroom. We will cover progression, both personal and over key stages, allowing you a look at what a whole school approach looks like. We will also look at unplugged activities, games based coding apps, and a very brief introduction to helpful software to allow children to create their own coding projects.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with coding, this is the perfect video to prepare you and your school for their coding journey.

Digital Storytelling with Scratch Jr

This pre-recorded workshop for Primary teachers will introduce you to the cross-curricular potential of creative coding. You will learn about storyboarding (which is an example of an algorithm!) to plan a project, and then use the Scratch Jr app to tell a story. Learn how to create custom sprites (codeable objects/characters) and backgrounds as well as how to code using a range of coding blocks. The workshop should leave you with exciting Scratch Jr project ideas for classroom implementation.

Minecraft Education in the Primary ClassroomOur Place in Space Resources KS2

In this pre-recorded workshop for Primary teachers we will showcase the features of Minecraft Education Edition and show how it can be used in the classroom to enhance a wide range of subjects and topics. We will look at Classroom Mode as well as walk you through some of the tutorials and how to gather and save evidence from the class using the camera and portfolio features.

Our Place in Space Resources KS2Digital Art & Design at KS1

This pre-record workshop is aimed at Key Stage 2 teachers and explores the new resources created for Our Place in Space. This workshop will look at all the resources and how you can use them within the classroom. Resources include, Planet Earth, The Solar System and Life in the Universe. These resources are mapped to the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Scientific Content and Advisor provided by Professor Stephen Smartt, Queen’s University Belfast, Designed by Oliver Jeffers and Produced by Nerve Centre.

Digital Art & Design at KS1

This pre-recorded workshop is aimed at Key Stage 1 teachers and explores ways in which digital art and design can be used to enhance WAU topics at KS1 and how these activities can be developed in tandem with ‘unplugged’ traditional forms of art making.

This workshop supports the UICT Desirable Feature 'Digital Art and Design' (previously Working with Images).

Creativity and Communication at Foundation Stage

This pre-recorded workshop is aimed at Foundation teachers and focuses on how digital technology can be used to support the development of communication and creativity through simple digital storytelling, art and design and, music and sound activities.

How to Maintain a 3D Printer

This workshop is designed to help you keep your FDM 3d Printer in good working order. During the presentation we will focus on simple tips that will keep your printer working correctly allowing you more time to concentrate on actual printing.

Topics covered will include bed levelling, nozzle cleaning/unblocking, filament storage and other general maintenance tips.

(Please note that all 3d printers are slightly different, but the process will be similar. We can't guarantee that the demonstration will show work on your particular model.)

Adobe CC Express Pre-Recorded Webinars:Using Adobe CC Express Post

Led by Dominic Trainer from Adobe Education, these short, 30 minute, bitesize sessions look at how to use Express in three different ways to bring traditional and digital together in your classroom. Creative Cloud Express is free to use for all teachers and pupils using their @c2ken.net accounts. Click to access Adobe Express.

Using Adobe CC Express Post

This pre-recorded webinar explores how Adobe Creative Cloud Express Post can be used by teachers and pupils to make simple infographics, posters, fact files, collages, book covers etc.

Using Adobe CC Express Pages

This pre-recorded webinar explores how Adobe Creative Cloud Express Pages can bring writing and research to life using text, images, video and links.

Using Adobe CC Express Video

This pre-recorded webinar explores how Adobe Creative Cloud Express Video can be used by teachers and pupils to present ideas, stories or information using voiceover, images, video, text and icons.