Spring Cinema | Lyra + Q&A
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Spring Cinema | Lyra + Q&A

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£5 + booking fee

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Directed by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Alison Millar, Lyra is a beautiful and heartfelt film about the life and death of the internationally renowned Northern Irish investigative journalist Lyra McKee and will be followed by a discussion with Sara Canning, Lyra’s partner, and writer and journalist Susan McKay.

Through a rich archive of audio recordings, field notes and interviews with those who knew her, Lyra tells the story of a life fearlessly committed to truth and justice for forgotten crimes. The result is a complex picture of Northern Ireland’s political history, bringing into sharp focus the ways in which the 1998 Good Friday agreement — with its promised end to violence for future generations — has struggled to be fully realised.

Nominated for IFTN George Morrison Feature Documentary Award.

“At its centre is a funny, caring, vibrant soul whose future was so brutally stolen from her. It’s a wonderfully crafted piece of work that, through Lyra’s journalistic endeavours, allows this talented writer to tell her own story. Essential viewing.” — Chris Wasser, Irish Independent

2022. UK. Director: Alison Millar. Cast: Lyra McKee. Duration: 1hr 32mins. Cert: 15.

Supported by Collective, an initiative from Film Hub NI (BFI Film Audience Network) to connect people to great films

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