Karl Spain | Well, What did you expect?

Karl Spain | Well, What did you expect?

Nerve Centre

Admission: £15 + booking fee

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£15 + booking fee

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Doors: 7.30pm

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Shine & ROISIN DUBH present Karl Spain

Karl Spain has long been established as one of Ireland’s most popular comedians, from his own tours and touring with others, and has appeared at festivals all over the world. Karl has worked with some of the world's greatest comedians (his peers ahem, cough).

Karl has spent most of 2022 touring with Kevin Bridges because Kevin finds him very funny - or because Kevin uses Karl to remind him to keep the weight off. Hopefully the former.

"His quick wit will leave you gasping" - Evening Standard
"Karl is criminally underrated" - The Irish Times

Karl has written for lots of comedians over the last decade or so, so you have been laughing at his jokes even when you didn't realise it. But he has kept all the best jokes for himself.

In his new show Well, What Did You Expect? Karl talks about how we are where we are and how to solve all the world's problems.

Catch him at Nerve Centre on Saturday 11 March.

"Achingly funny" - The Sunday Times
"Reasonable" - The Scotsman (...but what do they know)