Animation Summer Taster Academy
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Animation Summer Taster Academy

Nerve Centre, Odyssey Place, Belfast

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Get a taster of what it takes to be a top animator!

Our Screen Academies team are offering a unique taster session this summer with animator Dee Gribben for young people interested in animation as a career path.

What’s involved?

- Gain skills in using Adobe Animate, a powerful software for professional animation production.

- Develop skills in storyboarding, an essential step in the animation production process.

- Explore the principles of character design, background design, and other elements crucial for creating animated scenes.

- Engage in the post-production process, where you'll discover the importance of sound design, editing, and visual effects in enhancing the quality of your animated films.

- Learn to communicate effectively within a production team providing animation for a film.

- Find out more about the sector and potential career opportunities.

Is experience necessary?

This taster academy welcomes anyone with an interest in Animation of all levels, from beginners to those with no prior experience. Bring your passion and willingness to learn, and we'll provide guidance and support.

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