Hofesh Shechter Residency

Hofesh Shechter Residency

One of the most eagerly anticipated events on the entire 2013 calendar, Hofesh Shechter's 'Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut' took up residency in the Nerve Centre for several weeks of rehearsals.

Hofesh Shechter, known as one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary artists brought his world-wide success to Derry~Londonderry in a unique re-imagining. Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut drew upon the city’s rich musical culture, featuring a live band including 20 young local musicians performing alongside international musicians and dancers of his world renowned ensemble.

The alternative orchestra practiced their heady mixture of heavy rock and contemporary dance at the Nerve Centre, before stunning audiences at The Venue on March 8 and 9.

Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut was presented in conjunction with the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT)one of Europe’s leading arts festivals, which has a 30-year history of creating ground-breaking international performance.

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