Digital Makers in the Community

Digital Makers in the Community

The Nerve Centre's 'Digital Makers in the Community' project is partnered with nine Neighbourhood Renewal Cultural Hubs in the north west to deliver an exciting programme of digital creativity involving more than 1,400 disadvantaged young people.

From music to films to computer games to inventions created using the latest FabLab digital fabrication technologies, each young person will make and share something digital. Children and young people will:

  • Create and collaborate on music tracks, games, films, animations, and FabLab digital maker inventions
  • Gain OCN qualifications and new skills through 180+ workshops, accredited courses, bitesized sessions and familyfriendly activities
  • Event manage and perform at showcase events
  • Take part in 6 interactive 'Superheroes #GetCreative' Family Days
  • Be inspired and empowered to take the next step towards a career in the creative industries
  • Develop confidence and selfesteem, and make new friends

The project will improve young people's economic and life chances, foster creativity and participation, as well as supporting social inclusion, digital inclusion and equality.

Digital Makers in the Community is funded by BBC Children in Need. For more information on the project, please contact Joe Carlin at

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