Voices – City of Culture 2013 Bid Film

Voices – City of Culture 2013 Bid Film

In July 2010, the Nerve Centre produced the film supporting the Derry~Londonderry’s winning bid to become the UK’s first City of Culture.
The film has 42 separate scenes and features 28 individuals delivering lines to the camera with contributions from internationally renowned visual artist Willie Doherty and writer Seamus Heaney.

John Peto, writer/director of the Voices film, said:

‘I was delighted to have the opportunity to make this film as a way to capture the passion, energy and creativity of the city and its people and in particular the groundswell of public support that has been generated around the campaign for UK City of Culture within the last few months.

‘I hope that this film visually communicates the people, place, past and future with a positive articulation that a successful city of culture bid will be transformative for the city.’

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