Watch the New Video for Air Drama's 'Scenarios' Track

Watch the New Video for Air Drama's 'Scenarios' Track

In under a month a brand new album of collaborations between Nerve Centre's 2015 Musician-in-Residence David Lyttle and a host of Northern Ireland artists will be officially released and available to own on stunning, 12 inch vinyl.

Scenarios, which comprises of 15 original tracks featuring both emerging and established names, can already be streamed through our Soundcloud, while we recently premiered the video for Rebecca Mulhern's 'Control'.

The second of three videos created for collaborations from the album features Derry-based rapper, actor and writer Eaman Craig, aka Air Drama, and formerly Wileman. Read about his track 'The Great Gatsby' and watch the video, directed by local filmmaker Paul Brown, below. Discover more of Air Drama's work at

How did you come to feature on the album?

I was asked by Dave to feature. I hadn't been doing any music for a while and was concentrating on acting so I wasn't aware of the making of Scenarios. It was a little like the Blues Brothers when they put the old band back together when I got the call. My life had kind of went in a different direction, away from music, I was pretending to be a tree in a basement theatre when I got the call.

Was this your first time involved with any music projects at the Nerve Centre or have there been any you've been a part of before?

Projects? No. I don't think so, but I'd played a few gigs in there over the years. Always liked the place. Been to some awesome dance nights in there too and seen some amazing DJs and bands. The sound in there is top drawer. I like a place with good sound and a big dancefloor. Two essentials for that type of venue. It's been cool to be involved in a project with them too, for sure, nice fellas.

Were you aware of David Lyttle's previous hip-hop work?

Yeah, I featured on a track on his first urban album 'Interlude' and he played drums on some tracks on my last album The Antidote when I was doing the Wileman thing. Dave's a huge hip-hop fan, like me, and we like to make music that's of a high standard. Working with him is very enjoyable because you know your in safe hands. He's one of the best hip-hop producers in the country, if not the best. His production overall is awesome, the dude is a visionary, a top bloke and a very good friend of mine, I have a lot of time for him.

How did you find collaborating with him using Nerve Centre's recording facilities?

The studio up there is tight, a solid place to get creative. The vocal booth is super tight. That's where I do my thing and it's the place I care about the most. I could be in a studio and I'm like 'yeah this place is amazing, the gear looks great, all those keyboards and everything but can you show me the vocal booth?', and the vocal booth up there is solid.

Collaboratively, with this track we organically let it be that there was no repeating of a chorus but rather a cinematic storytelling kind of vibe that dipped in and out of the consciousness of both the characters involved without them actually speaking to each other. Like two thought trains, rather than two trains of thought.

Dave wrote the music to my lyrics and I asked for Leanne Doherty to sing as I thought she could bring what was needed for the track. I think I was right. She co-wrote her lyrics with me too. John and Joe Leighton came in to play as well along with with Jamie King. I have a lot of time for all those guys too. They are all very good friends of mine and great players.

Were you pleased with the end product?

It's usually the case with most tracks that you think your last one was the best you've ever done, and this one is no different. It's whether other people think so now, thats the thing.

Can you talk us through the video?

The song is essentially about moving to a new city and kind of falling in love with the girl that works at the local shop, a wee bit, because you just do. That's what happens. It's happened me everywhere I've moved. In London, Dublin and America, or even somewhere on holiday! Its just the way of it. It's like a thing. When it happens I think it's because you know less people, or your looking for connections and there they are, approachable, beautiful and friendly, probably because they are being paid to be, but your heart doesn't tell you this. I thought it might be a good concept to put into a song that people could relate to.

The concept of waiting for the big pay day before you commit is where the title comes from. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's book the character Gatsby wanted to become affluent before the magic could be long term. I wanted to get all this into the video, to make what was already a cinematic track an actual visual experience too that made the themes more concrete. Paul Brown was great to have involved in this process. The best I've worked with. He introduced me to Clare Sweeney as well, who acts in the video. Clare's a natural.

What's next for Air Drama after this release?

I've been waiting for this video release before I promote some of my other ventures, so as soon as it's out I'll be seeking venues for a tour of my one-man play EXiT, that I took to the Edinburgh Fringe. I have to find a northern agent too and get involved up here now that I'm back. I have other songs coming too that will turn into an EP and an album. Both with different sounds. The album will be featuring some of the guys from 'The Great Gatsby'. The EP will be a modern hip-hop release and the album will be a little bit heavier, with a rock twist. That's how it's shaping up. Being part of Scenarios has roped me back into music and I'm glad to be back.

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