Get Started With Music (Prince's Trust)

Mon 30 Oct 9:30am to Fri 03 Nov 5:00pm

If you are aged 16-24, out of work and into music, then sign up to learn new skills from Prince's Trust NI.

Over the course of five intensive days you will:

  • Receive mentoring and music tuition from music experts at the Nerve Centre
  • Get hands-on experience in songwriting and music performance
  • Have the opportunity to develop musicianship, form bands and jam
  • Learn stage craft, building confidence and handling audience interaction with ease
  • Receive three months of support after the programme to help you achieve your next steps
  • Lunch and travel expenses provided

Please note, there will be a taster session held on Thursday, October 26.

This course is suitable for all abilities and will be facilitated in partnership with Tuned In who support people with learning disabilities through the digital and creative arts to promote independence, empowerment, self-esteem and confidence.

To find out more or register, contact Prince's Trust NI via, free phone 0800 842 842 or text 'CALL ME' to 079 8338 5418.


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